Piacenza Cultura Eng

In Association with Piacenza culture!

Do you often  feel like  city life  suffocates you 

and that there is never anything to do in Piacenza?

Are you tired of being just one in a crowd and want to break free and stand out?

We have decided to do something about it and we are showing it:

by being active and organizing events .

No more useless words or empty promises

we have already organized the  following :

Cosplay, Photo contests and events such as San Siro Art.


We don't often have a lot of  free time,

we all have a home, a family and we don't always feel like getting too involved:

but all the same please  help support  the Members of Piacenza Cultura.


Membership is annual and it is cheap:

Only 10 euros a year, which for some of us is not much ,

but for our association it is a lot ! 

Become part of our group!!

You will be given a card upon registration which will entitle you to certain conventions ,

such as offers in shops and discounted prices to our events. 

Your contribution will not go to waste!

Every year we will publish our financial statements, so that all cards are on the table,

a summary of what we did and what we hope to do will be laid out. 

We won't be the only ones to decide on what to do :

you can also let us know what you want  by voting for what you are interested in. 

So , what are you waiting for?


We have decided to act:

to renew Piacenza, see her grow and watch her mature.

We are NOT a political party, indeed,

we have only one thing that unites us a strong passion to revive Piacenza.

Embrace Piacenza get to know it's  history, art, dialect .

All of which are constantly changing. 

We mustn't forget  that we are Piacentini, Italians , but also Europeans.


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